“Looking Up and In: The Creative Mind and Process”

Looking Up and In Title Slide_jpeg

This is an approximately 60 minute highly dynamic presentation that explores the history and nature of creativity, how to measure and foster it in both the classroom and the workplace, and reviews the current state of the neuroscience of epiphanies and inspiration. I will make the case that the true existential threat today for any organization–be it an enterprise, nonprofit, governmental or academic group– is the failure to instill and nurture a culture that promotes creativity and introspection.

Presented in a way that very much ‘walks the walk’ of the creative process (in other words, not ‘talking the talk’ nor some ‘data dump’.)

See the video of my presentation to Georgetown University: The Creative Mind and Process

Appropriate for organizations and enterprises of all sizes and stripes looking to better educate, inspire and innovate in today’s culture.

contact: mark@markridinger.com

LinkedIn: Mark Ridinger

Twitter: @markridinger





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